We recommend Santander

Hormigas Culonas

The first loud crackle tastes and feels like popcorn, but by the time the juices spray wildly in one's mouth and the filament-like legs slide down the throat... The people of Santander have been eating ants for centuries. Restaurants in Barichara offer an ant-based spread for bread and an ant-flavoured lamb sauce.

Extreme Sports

On the road to San Gil, there is La Antigua Cave, perfect for caving, watching mineral formations, swimming in a natural pool and getting covered in mud. The area close to Socorro is ideal for waterfall rappelling in the Juan Curí waterfalls. For rafting there is the 10 km down the Fonce River. Also paragliding in Curí is an option. it´s only a matter of jumping.

Chicamocha Canyon

Cross the Chicamocha canyon from one extreme to the other on the aerial tramway. A 6.3 kilometers long experience that crosses the entire canyon from one end to the other. During the trip, stop at any of the three stations to take a picture of one of the candidates for the seven natural wonders of the world.

Road to Guane

Close to Barichara is Guane, a small village accessed by a historic path: The Royal Road. The population maintains the colonial architecture and offers a palaeontology museum with a collection of fossils, including dinosaur bones. Guane is also known for its fabrics made from sisal hemp and paper, which are turned into rugs and baskets.