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About Medellin

Medellín, capital of Antioquia department, is located deep in the fertile mountainous Aburra valley in the Central Andean highlands and is known as the ‘Eterna Primavera’ – Eternal Spring city with its 20°C year-round temperature. The city was founded in 1675 as “Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de Medellín”.

After the ‘Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia’ – Colombia’s National Coffee Growers Federation - was founded on 1927, The city’s economic development began with coffee boom. From thereon, the city was transformed thanks to the resourcefulness and hardworking nature of its people; the thriving cultural life in the fields of journalism, literature, urban design, and the artwork and sculptures of globally renowned artist, some of which expose their works at the (Fernando) Botero’s Museum & Square. After many years in which the city was considered to be the most dangerous of the world, mainly due to the famous “Carteles”, like the one of Pablo Escobar, Medellín nowdays represents the whole country’s social transformation with growing industry and commerce, textile manufacturing, fashion design and export cut flowers, and projects of social integration that are a model for many other cities.

The city is well worth visiting during its annual Flower Festival, held during July-August. The key events are the exhibitions of Colombian orchids, birds, flowers and, the most representative, the ‘Silleteros’ parade. During this event the “silleteros” carry floral displays that weigh up to 60 kilos each. Also, the traditional World Guinness Record ‘Cabalgata’ – Cavalcade, with over 10,000 horse-riders altogether.

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