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About Amazonas

Words fall short to describe the Amazon, it will remain imprinted in our memory. Located on the Amazon River at the heart of the most resplendent and exuberant forest on earth, Leticia is the departure point to explore it. As capital of Colombian Amazon, founded in 1867, it is port to flights from Bogotá and Colombia’s access to “Earth’s Green Lung”. An imaginary line is drawn here creating a frontier between three countries: Colombia, Brazil and Peru (Amazonian Trapezium). The rain season from February through June, is the best time for bird-watching, sport-fishing and sightseeing the Victoria Regia – an enormous aquatic lily plant with floating leaves that reach up to two meters in diameter. It is easy to see tropical rainforest animals and reach most places by boat. The driest months are July and August. Rivers are at the lowest level from August to November, when many beaches are created by retreating waters at the riverbanks, and river turtles lay their eggs.

Numerous indigenous communities live in these areas including the Huitotos, Yaguas and Ticunas, who passed-on their culture and traditions, knowledge of medicinal plants, ceremonies and aptitudes for survival from generation to generation.

Puerto Nariño is an Amazon’s source of life for its natural and cultural setting. Located in the upper Amazon River, 2hrs by boat from Leticia, this community banned motor vehicles and the only way of getting around is on foot, people are committed with preservation of fauna and green-life. The Tarapoto Lake is nearby and its waters are like a natural aquarium as it is home to grey and pink river dolphins.

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