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About Santander

Santander is a department located in the northeastern Andean region of Colombia. The capital Bucaramanga is known for as the “City of Parks” for its abundant trees and its spring-like climate. The region has different micro-climates and the temperature varies, according to area, between 15º and 28ºC.

All through the different towns in the region, one can see Spanish colonial architecture. The small town of San Gil, located at 1110m and along the Fonce River, can be easily reached from Bogotá, Villa de Leyva or Bucaramanga. It is the Mecca of all extreme sports in Colombia and has gained the reputation of being adventure land. Canoeing, Rafting, hiking, trekking, caving, rappelling and paragliding are just some of the options available here.
Approximately 20km from San Gil is worth visiting the town of Barichara, known as it has totally preserved all of the colonial Spanish stonework and architecture.

The Chicamocha Canyon National Park, which borders the majestic Chicamocha canyon, was shortlisted to be voted as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. By cable-car visitors can travel from one side to another during a 30 minute journey, covering a distance of 6.3km.

Enjoy Santander, land of adventure and culture, with its deep canyons with bubbling rivers of varied colors, mountainous landscapes, waterfalls that break through sub-Andean forests and tumble into underground caverns blended with the extensive network of ‘Caminos Reales’ – Royal Pathways that connect towns.

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