• foto1
  • Baru cabanasCholon
  • Mompox Cementerio
  • Providencia Rolando
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  • Barichara calle
  • Tayrona playa1
  • Bogota MonserrateView
  • Bogota-traditionalCookware
  • Bogota LaCandelaria
  • Cañon del Chicamocha - Sunset view
  • Baru - Cabañas in Cholon
  • Mompox - The cemetery
  • Providencia Island - Rolando's bar
  • Cartagena - Sunset view from the antique walls
  • Barichara (Santander) - view over colonial street
  • Tayrona National Park - beach at the park
  • Bogota - view of the city from Monserrate
  • Bogota - Traditional cookware
  • Bogota - Colonial street of La Candelaria (city center)


Macondo represents the magical essence of Colombian culture, described by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian Nobel Prize for literature in 1982. At Macondo DMC our mission is to add some of this magic to each traveller’s experience, together with the best standards for efficiency, quality and safety.
We are an Inbound Tour Operator which delivers services for FIT’s, Group and Incentive travellers in Colombia, by developing strong partnerships with our clients and providers. 



ColombiaIf one had to define Colombia with one word, that would be “variety”. This is because the country offers a unique mix of cultures and traditions as well as the most diverse fauna and flora and geographical characteristics; all very close to one another, easy to plan within one trip, and all come with one special extra: extraordinary people that, eager to proudly show their country, will welcome every visitor.

The archeological sites of San Agustin, Tierradentro and the Lost City, the colonial cities and towns, like Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Mompox and Popayan and the indigenous villages in Amazonas and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, are some examples of the cultural background of this country, which still remains intact.
The most diverse fauna and flora is present in the whole country, especially within the 55 protected natural areas which, according to their characteristics, have been classified as national parks and natural reserves, and some have become wildlife sanctuaries.

Over 300 beaches, most of which on the Caribbean coast and islands, can be visited to add some relax to a vacation, maybe after some fun, dancing salsa in Cali, or Vallenato in Barranquilla.

In conclusion, Colombia is not only a destination that can be perceived as a novelty by many visitors, but also offers the opportunity to organize perfectly combined trips that can satisfy any traveller’s expectations.