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About La Guajira

The Guajira Peninsula occupies the northeastern area of the country, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Venezuela. It is divided into three regions based on geographic characteristics: the Southern Guajira where its capital Riohacha, founded in 1545, is located; Mid Guajira with mostly flat and arid environment and the Upper Guajira mostly semi-desertic where the ocean creates amazing sceneries such as Cape of la Vela and Punta Gallinas.

La Guajira pleasantly surprises with its extreme contrasts: the shiny white of the vast salt flats at Manaure, pink flamingos can be observed flying between lagoons at the Flamingos Fauna & Flora nature sanctuary; and the black deep coal extracted at El Cerrejón coalmine. Aside from salt and coal, La Guajira is bathed by a crystalline blue sea upon golden beaches of desert sand with cactus that enhance the scenery and sand dunes that are a reminder that this is a land of myths and legends.

The Wayuu indigenous people of La Guajira and their legends make this territory intriguing. The Wayuu live in what are known as "Rancherias"; small communities that spend their time fishing and weaving colorful handcrafted hammocks and "mochilas – woolen bags" of resounding beauty and artistry.

Visiting La Guajira is an immersion into fascinating traditions, cultures, myths and native customs well making one's visit pleasant and unforgettable.

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