Half Day Barichara & Guane

Departure for Barichara, located 25km from San Gil, declared National Architectural Monument for its well-preserved urban and colonial Spanish-style architecture.

The houses feature a cloister-style design around internal gardens, intricate stonework and clay tiles on rooftops; known for its gastronomy, stonemasonry, weaving, growing tobacco and “hormigas culonas – large ants” (fried-up and eaten, considered an aphrodisiac).

Trip continues to Guane, a small-town located on a tiny plateau alongside Suarez River. This can be made on-foot along the old Camino Real paved in stones by pre-Columbian Guane people, extends 5km connecting Guane with Barichara.

During this walk one can appreciate beautiful landscapes, valleys and fossils. Arrive in Guane, a perfectly-preserved colonial village with pre-Columbian past, dates back to XVII century. Visit the Archeological-Paleontological Museum and Plaza Central.

Half Day Socorro

Leave for Socorro, a town located 2hrs from Bucaramanga, and 20mins from San Gil. The tour begins on-foot to visit the most interesting sights along-the-way in the town’s centre. Socorro is known for its role in history as it is here that first major uprising against the Spanish Crown took place in 1781, led by local hero, José Antonio Galán. This movement led to cry for independence on July 20th 1810. Socorro is a Spanish-style colonial village amidst the Suarez River valley. Its architecture is well-preserved and interest sites include Socorro’s Main Park, The Cathedral, House of Culture and the Capuchins’ Monastery.