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About Cali

Santiago de Cali is the capital city of the department of Valle del Cauca located in southwestern Colombia. The city enjoys a year round spring-like weather and is known for its friendly, hospitable inhabitants. Salsa music echoes through Cali’s streets, and for this reason, it is known as the “world’s capital of salsa”. The third largest city in Colombia, after Bogotá and Medellín, Cali’s major industry revolves around sugarcane production and cattle ranching.
The ‘Feria de Cali’ is the most important fair, held annually from December 25th through 30th, with many activities like bullfighting, public concerts, the ‘Salsodromo’ a massive salsa dancing runway, and ‘Juanchito’ a very well-known rumba and entertaining place for salsa lovers, and along the Pance riverbanks where locals usually go on picnics.

Also, worth visiting is the ‘Cristo Rey’ hill, where there is an opened-arms 26m effigy replica of the ‘Corcovado’ in Rio de Janeiro, and a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Cali has a strategic geographic location as it is the gateway to major port of Buenaventura to the rest of the country. The pacific port of Buenaventura is the largest port on Colombia’s west coast and the seaport from which most exports.

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