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One of the most African influenced Colombian music styles. The main instrument is the Colombian marimba, a wooden xilophone which resembles the African balafon also
for the style of playing. Currulao has been added to the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Surf at “El Valle”

There is a fantastic surfing spot (probably the best surfing spot in Colombia) at  El Valle, a small village south to Bahía Solano, which has great beaches and rainforest nature. The two to three hour walk to the Cascada del Tigre (waterfall) is worth it.

Turtle Season

This unforgettable experience allows you to take part in the preservation of a species in danger of extinction. Night walks are organized to admire artificial turtle nurseries where turtles lay their eggs (from September to December). The Turtle Nesting Sactuary "Estación Septiembre" at Playa Cuevita is the place.

Diving at Punta Huina

Punta Huina is a solitary land of dark sand and majestic cliffs lined with coconuts palms. Diving at Punta Huina is a must: Divers are able to go 110 feet down to see the
ruins of Arc Sebastián de Belalcázar, a sunken ship that urvsived Pearl Harbor and later became a Colombian Naval ship.