Half Day Transformation Tour

Half Day Transformation Tour

Half-day visit to places that represent social transformation taken place in Medellín. During the 80s the city was one of the most dangerous in the world. Visit Pablo Escobar barrio, approximately 500 houses donated to the poor by notorious capo. Visit outlying mountainous barrios drawn into the city by Metrocable cable-car. It has changed the lives of many people. Visit one of city's more notorious attractions: España Library park, which makes part of a series of 30 urban-social regeneration projects to transform urban, social and cultural landscape of Medellin. Visit "El Poblado" upper class district, recognized as key recreational zone in the city with its Rosa Zone and Golden Mile.

Visit to

  • Barrio Pablo Escobar.
  • Metrocable: Santo Domingo district, España library park.
  • El Poblado district: Rosa Zone and Golden Mile.


Approximately four hours.