Night Tour Of Traditional Sabaneta Fondas

The 'Fondas' are small traditional canteens where local farmers horse-riders stop, take a break to chat and have a drink of 'aguardiente' liquor. The town of Sabaneta is the best place amidst the Aburra Valley in Medellín outskirts. This area is renowned for its paisa traditions. It takes approximately 45minute-drive (15km) to Sabaneta, bordering the town of Envigado, where the tour begins visiting many traditional Paisa Fondas. Moving from fonda to fonda, listen to different types of music including popular ranchera and vallenato.

Have a shot of Colombian aguardiente with the locals. It is possible to finish this tour by ending-up in one of the famous nightclubs located here and get a complete feeling of Sabaneta nightlife.

Western Antioquia, The Other Side

Leave Medellín and head into Guatepé to visit the enormous rock –possibly a meteorite due to its size– at el Peñón. Visit the picturesque village of Guatepé where all houses are painted in pastel colors. Then, satisfy your sweet tooth in San Antonio de Pereira, a town known for its incredible confectionery.

The tour continues to Rio Negro to visit San Nicolas Cathedral, Convention Center and Religious Art Museum. Visit another rural community in Carmen del Vivoral, famous for its ceramics, particularly vases and dishes. El Retiro, just a bit further is a town renowned for its wooden furniture. Return to Medellín passing by Llanogrande, a major flower-growing region and where the highway is lined-up with hydrangea, sunflowers and many others.

All Day Santa Fé de Antioquia

 Leave Medellín, heading west pass through Tamarinds Park before arriving at West Bridge, a masterwork of engineering. It was one of the first suspended bridges in South America.

After traveling for 1.25hrs (70km) arrival at Santa Fe de Antioquia, where time stands still since the colonial era. Founded in 1541, its narrow streets run alongside whitewashed buildings. Worth visiting are Santa Barbara church, Museum of Liturgical Art, the Cathedral and Juan del Corral Museum.

After lunch return to Medellín, visit small and wonderfully preserved town of San Jerónimo, with its beautiful church and architecture from both Colonial and Republican eras. On the way back will pass vendors selling exotic fruits such as pineapples, oranges, tamarind and mango.

Full Day Hacienda Nápoles Tour

Spend the day in Pablo Escobar's Hacienda and gain insight into the life of deceased-yet-most feared of Colombia's narco-criminal. The tour begins at the famous entrance-archway where a light aircraft was placed by "el patrón" in which the first deliveries to U.S. were made. Continue through Napoles, past a lake with hippopotamuses, a Jurassic-park recreation and a zoo. The park organizes ecological walks in nearby areas and shows, there is horseback-riding.

The hacienda spreads over 3000hts, in a display of power and opulence he decided to ship-in Elephants from India, Camels from the Sahara, giraffes and hippopotamuses from Africa, Llamas from Peru, Buffalos from the United States, Scottish cows, Australian Kangaroos, flamingos and rhinos.