We recommend Popayán


Popayán has been declared a City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in tribute to its significant tradition of regional cooking. Typical dishes integrate components of local origin with fruits brought from Spain. Among them you can find Carantanta, a type of fried snacks that comes from corns sticked in the pot.

El Morro de Tulcan

For impressive views of the city climb  El Morro de Tulcan, an antique piramid that was used by the first inhabitants of the region for religous rituals. At the top there is a statue of Popayan's founder Sebastian Belalcazar. The true entrance is at the rear where there are steps that lead to the hill's top.

Easter Celebration

This 400 years old ritual has been inherited from the spanish, and is now one of the most traditional events in the area. During this celebration, there are processions and people line the sidewalks to watch as floats pass by with religious motifs, carried by volunteers who are proud of the honor to carry the 500 kilos weight.

Guambiano Market

Silvia is mainly populated by Guambiano's descents, who maintain their traditional ways of life, since pre-Incan times. They weave their own clothes, grow their own food,
and build their own dry-brick houses. Their culture can be mostly appreciated on the farmer's market day, every  Tuesday in the town of Silvia.