Full Day Purace Natural Park

All-day visit to Purace National Park located 45Km-away from Popayan. It is an impressive natural reserve spanning 83,000 hectares including the Mountainous range "Los Coconucos" and their volcanoes. The highest peaks are "Pan de Azúcar" (5,000m), "Coconuco" (4,600m), ‘Puracé’ (4,580m). The Sotará volcano (4,400m) is to the south of the mountain chain. Adding to this beautiful landscape there are waterfalls, lagoons and caves. Take a break at "Pilimbala" to enjoy the hot-springs by the foothills of the snow-capped "Nevado del Purace" which is surrounded by fascinating landscapes. Visit the park to see the flora, fauna and numerous waterfalls. In the evening return to Popayán.

Half Day City Tour In Popayan

Half-day visit to historic-center founded in 1537, concentrating around Caldas Park, as the Clock Tower considered one of city’s symbols, built between 1673-1682. Continue towards the "Humilladero" Bridge, built in 1873 to facilitate access from the city-center to "El Callejón", particularly for those believers making the route on their knees. Visit Santo Domingo church, a baroque-style church, the San Francisco Church, considered the most beautiful baroque church in town, and the "Pantheon to the Independence Heroes". Visit the Religious Art Museum, which houses an interesting collection of religious art, and Mosquera House Museum, the Settecento-style house that belonged to General Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera.

Half Day In Silvia

Half day visit to the small town of Silvia, located in a temperate mountainous area and made-up of picturesque houses surrounded by vast sugar-cane plantations. The Indigenous Guambiano community with a population of 12,000 inhabitants, lives in small mountain villages nearby. Every Tuesday, on market day, the village of Silvia is transformed into a colorful, lively and picturesque place when the Guambiano Indians descend to Silvia dressed in their traditional “anacos”, a blue knee-length wraparound skirt-like, and sell their fruit, vegetables and handicrafts.