We recommend Guajira

Magic Sunsets

Cabo de la Vela is a site to visit; a mystic encounter between the desert and the sea creates unique sceneries in this splendid spot. Nothing better than witeness a sunset

in Cabo de la Vela on a hammock at the beach. The perfect setting for meditation or sharing the moment with someone special.

Culture Festival

Each year, sometime between May and June, The Wayúu show the world their enormous cultural wealth through a mix of traditional music, rituals, customs, handicrafts,

forums, expeditions, and games, all of which have fostered the preservation of ancestral customs, traditions, and folklore.


Knitting in Uribia


Uribia is the locality with the largest Wayúu settlement and, also, the right place to admire their most representative handicrafts, hammocks and shoulder bags (mochilas). Typical motifs are geometrical figures that represent the natural elements (animals, plants, stars, tracks) that surround Wayúu life.

Healing cactus fruit

Since Guajira is a desertic area, there are many cactuses. The fruit of the Guajira Cactus is known as Iguaraya and seems to have healing properties for digestion. It is traditionally used by locals to make juices and wines with a distinctive Wayuu taste.