Half Day Panoramic Tour In Cartagena

Tour begins with panoramic view of the city from 'La Popa' Monastery and Church constructed in 1606, located at 140masl enjoy 360° views of the city, sea and port zone. Continue to 'San Felipe' castle-fortress built on 'San Lázaro' hill to defend the city from pirate attacks. Walk-around the fortress and see the castle tunnels, underground galleries and passageways. Continue to Walled City, visit San Pedro Claver Convent and Church compound built mid-XVII century. Go to 'the Vaults', archways built within the walled-city used until late 1700s to store armament and later as prison in the XIX century. Nowadays, it's an artisans' center to appreciate local handcrafts.

Half Day City Tour - Colonial - Private

Half-day visit to city's colonial district beginning at Bolivar Park shaded by large trees, four fountains with a statue of the great Liberator in the middle. Surrounding the square is the Gold Museum, which exhibits its fine collection of archeological objects dating back to the pre-Hispanic period; and the Inquisition Palace, recognizable for its large baroque door. The Inquisition held its meetings in the palace here and it was also the site of the prison and torture chambers for presumed heretics, opponents of the Catholic church. The visit continues to Santo Domingo church, the Cathedral and ends at the Terraces and the Museum of the City's Fortifications.