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Basketry, weaving, and wood carving

When planning your vacation, make sure you stop at San Martín, an ethnic comunity where visitors are able to participate in basketry, weaving, and wood carving activities where handcrafted products are manufactured.


Learn from Huitotos, Makunas or Yakunas customs, sacred rituals (Tobacco and Yage), ways to conserve the jungle and cultivate in it, also medical plants, typical food and history of their ancestors while you share with them in Malokas. Maloka is an indigenous word for house used by Colombian aborigines.

Pink Dolphin

In traditional Amazon River folklore, at night, an Amazon river dolphin becomes a handsome young man who seduces girls, impregnates them, and then returns to the river in the morning to become a dolphin again. They are commonly known as Pink dolphns, and, if you are lucky, you will observe them.

Forest Canopy

The path to Tarapaca, a Huitoto Indian village, leads to the Tanimboca reservation, part of which is a 45-meter high platform built of amid trees. In Tanimboca you can climb 35-meter high trees and slide 80 meters from one tree to another through the beautiful forest canopy.