We recommend Mompox

Gold & Silver Jewerly

Mompox handicrafts workers are known for their fine precious metalsmithing, especially their filigree art. When strolling along the streets of Mompox, it is impossible not to hear the tapping of hammers. It is a must to stop and see this valuable work.

Relaxing Rocking Chairs

Most people in Mompox leave their front doors open, and in the first room, easily viewed by anyone passing by, they place some rocking chairs. The rocking chair experience can be complemented by a fruit juice guava or zapote and a good book.

Around The Town On a Mototaxi

A wise way get around Mompox is hiring a motor taxi. Moto taxi drivers will show you places you would otherwise not find. The cemetery is one of those places which momposinos are most proud of. The motor taxi ride will provide not only a spectacular view but also some fresh breeze.