We recommend Islas del Rosario

Eat in the waters of Cholón

Further down from Playa Blanca, on Isla Barú, there is the bay of Cholón, a place well worth visiting. On one of the islands there is a spot with some kiosks placed on
the sea. There, local fisherman arraged seats and tables in the water that allowing you to enjoy a delicious lobster sitting in the sea.

Enchanted &Shining Lagoon

In the Island of San Pedro de Majagua, one of the most known resorts in the Rosario Islands, there is a lagoon which, thanks to the effect of large quantities of plankton,
shines and sparkles at night. Swimming in the Lagoon at night is an unforgettable experience.

Marine Life Oceanarium

Going to the Oceanarium (open water aquarium) where visitor can enjoy a dolphin show, sharks, giant turtles, and all kinds of tropical reef fauna is a choice, but snorkeling
just outside its ocean fences to see gigantic snails or red coral on some of the poles and fences it is also an option.

Hammock Relax & Swing

A must on Playa Blanca is to sleep in a hammock and watch the sunset. The lazy experience could be complemented by the food you can buy on the beach: Fresh mangoes, coconut biscuits, ice creams, cerviche (especially octopus ceviche) and prawns.