Dancing Colombia 4N/5D

This is the perfect experience to discover Colombia´s nightlife and entertainment. Visit the main dancing destinations and enjoy Salsa, Vallenato, Cumbia, Mapale and more.  Start from Cali, called “Heaven´s Branch”, where people feel salsa in their heart. Then move to Barranquilla, vibrant during the day and unstoppable at night, a very well-known city for the ‘’Vallenato’’. Whether you are in the south of the city or the more sophisticated north, particularly at the weekend, nightlife in Barranquilla is varied and enjoyable.

NOTE: It is suggested to start the package on a Wednesday


  • Cali (2 Nights)     
    • Bar Hoping (4 Hours)
    • Salsa Tour (6 Hours)
  • Barranquilla (2 Nights)
    • Bar Hoping (4 Hours)
    • Vallenato Tour (6 Hours)